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B Rocke 3D Outdoor Patio Design RenderHave you ever wished you could see what your landscape would look like before it was built? Our landscape services encompass landscape design. This gallery will demonstrate how your landscaping ideas can be brought to life with the help of our landscape design software. Any back & front yard landscaping ideas you can dream off can be designed into 3D models.

From the smallest detail such as the type of paving stones and shrubs to the overall garden plans, we build a 3D model before ever putting a shovel in the ground. The best part is changes are quick, easy and can save you thousands before construction even begins. Our landscape design prices are very competitive compared to the thousands you would spend with a landscape architect.

Steps & Walls


Steps and Walls WinnipegLandscape steps are a unique landscaping feature that if designed correctly can be functional and beautiful. Long sweeping runs are the key to creating that inviting feeling. Any elevation change on our flat prairie home is a welcome addition to your landscaping design.

Natural stone steps are becoming a popular alternative for creating paths along the sides of a house or steps leading down to a fire pit on the lake front. Natural stone steps can be built using boulders, flagstone or carving the earth. One advantage of using natural materials is they more forgiving to the natural shifting that occurs in our Manitoba climate.

Our walls look more professional because the size of the blocks are larger and they don’t look like a “do-it yourself” project. We use Dover block for our walls which are very heavy and nobody likes lifting them, but when installed they look impressive.



Winnipeg backyard PatiosMany Winnipeg backyard landscaping designs begin and end with the patio. Our patios however, are only the beginning. Remember a great patio is only as good as the surrounding garden design. Choosing and planting the right shrubs and trees around your new patio will determine how much you use the patio. Paving stones are the most popular mediums used for the construction of patios in residential landscaping.Local natural flagstone and Tyndall stone are becoming more popular as more people realize the true timeless beauty only a natural stone possess.

You will always be happy with the results of incorporating natural stone like boulders, flagstone and Tyndall into your backyard patio design. And with our help your backyard landscaping ideas can be brought to life before ever lifting any patio stones. A landscape design developed in our landscaping design software can illustrate your dream backyard ideas in 3D. Changes are simple and efficient.



concrete paving stonesComing up with good front yard landscaping ideas can be tough. Many people make the mistake of hiring paving companies, who often miss very important aspects of the overall design. Today concrete paving stones are among the most popular material of choice for constructing sidewalks. Durability and ease of repair are major benefits only an interlocking paving stone system can offer. Paving stone however, is generally more expensive and may not always be your best option. This is especially true for lower traffic areas. There are many natural stone alternatives that are economical, durable and eco-friendly. As one of Winnipeg’s top innovative landscaping paving companies, we offer you custom solutions that fit your needs and budget.



DrivewayWhen shopping for a new paving stone driveway consider the expertise of a custom landscaping company; Landscaping companies have expertise that go beyond just paving. 70-80% of your landscaping is not paving stone. So neglecting the design elements of the landscaping around the paved areas can be a costly mistake. Elevations, drainage, base prep and jointing sand are all key components to get the most out of your investment. All of our driveways come standard with rain drains, permeable base preparation, and polymeric jointing sand. We primarily use Barkman paving stone for our patios, walkways and driveways. Water and time is your driveways worst enemy. Therefore paving stone driveways should be prepped in layers of permeable limestone with enough depth to accommodate vehicle weight. Especially near the garage pad. Correct slopes and rain drains need to carry water away from down spouts. Polymeric sand helps prevent base erosion and weed growth. If installed properly all these features will extend your investment by years beyond any driveway built without.



well designed pergola in WinnipegShade and ambience, are just two benefits of a well designed pergola. The Pergola is one of the best compliments you can add to your patio design. Besides being beautiful a pergola can be designed to offer privacy when hanging out on your new paving stone patio. Base pillars, cross beams, lighting, cloth sheeting, basket hangers and cladding the pillars with stone are all options to consider when brainstorming your pergola design. Check out our gallery for great Landscape design pictures that include pergolas. Maybe you’ll be the first to suggest a pergola design feature that is new and unique?



professional looking rock garden in WinnipegOne facet of our artistic landscape designs is rock gardens. Many people are looking for low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas. The key to a professional looking rock garden is choosing the right landscaping rocks. Natural to modern, we can create a landscape designs to suit both ends of the spectrum. Many of our small backyards landscaping ideas incorporate rock gardens into the garden planning. Older neighborhoods have mature trees and lack the sunlight required to grow lawn. In this situation a landscape design that uses natural landscaping stones in the garden plan will be more successful in creating a space that works with the conditions of that environment. Shade tolerant plants are crucial in facilitating a healthy micro eco-system in a rock garden. Need garden edging ideas? Plastic landscape edging is the most common however; there are alternatives such as interlocking pavers, field stone, poured decorative curbing and low retaining walls.



Pool deckNeed pool landscaping ideas? We can help. Whatever you choose to use as your pool decking our landscaping design software will help you see the full potential of your space. Adding lush gardens and decor are a great way of complementing your pools landscaping. In smaller yards pool often limit the space left to landscape. Our landscape design software helps you maximize this valuable space and explore the multiple landscape design options before spending thousands.

Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor Kitchens and GrillsA trend that is happening in the Winnipeg landscape market is outdoor kitchens. More Manitobans are developing their outdoor living spaces to include outdoor kitchens. The outdoor kitchen is a handy feature that saves you time when entertaining guests. Spend less time running in and out of the house, so you can enjoy spending time with your guests. Prepare food on granite, slate patio blocks or custom built concrete paving stone countertops. Outdoor bowl sinks, built in BBQ’s, coolers, custom shelving and designs that even accommodate bar stools are just some of the ideas we’ve created to date.

Water Features


water features maintenanceThe sound of a trickling waterfall in the corner of your yard with a stone retaining wall bench for quiet mediation sounds picture perfect. However, water is one of the hardest elements to control therefore any water feature will require maintenance. Because of our extreme climate, the ground in Manitoba is constantly moving with the freeze-thaw conditions. Settling will occur after a couple of years. Pumps need to be removed seasonally and without a filter pond water requires salt or chlorine treatment to prevent algae build up. If you are not prepared for these things a self contained water fountain may be a better alternative.

Fire Places


Fire PlacesFire pits and outdoor fire places are a great way to bring friends and family together to enjoy our cool Manitoba summer nights. Incorporating a fire pit or place into your backyard landscaping design is a decision you will never regret. We offer a variety of styles ranging from simple kits that can be sunken or elevated, to fire places complete with custom built mantle and hearths.

When you choose to hire a custom landscape design/build company even boulders can be used to build your own personalized fire pit.



Winnipeg Landscape Commercial WorkCOR certification and safety are two of our top priorities. We’ve built a work culture that trains employees to asses the risk. Maintaining a clean worksite, toolbox talks, wear the proper safety gear and continuous training are all part of our work place safety program. We are in good standing with WCB, fully licensed, bonded and insured.

We ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion and on budget. As one trade makes way for the next we are flexible and can accommodate change orders. Reliability is our trademark.

Home Show


B.Rocke Landscaping in home show in ManitobaEvery year B.Rocke Landscaping participates in the Manitoba Home Expression Show.

At the Home Expression Show you can always find us in the northwest corner of the third floor at the Winnipeg convention center.

Send us an email if you would like two free tickets to this years Home Express Show! (While Quantities Last). Visit our display, see what’s new at B.Rocke Landscaping, enter to win a free design and the grand prize a new patio set.