2019 School of Rocke Workshop

B. Rocke Landscaping & Studio b are proud to say that our inaugural School of Rocke workshop was a great success!

Participants spent the first day in the classroom learning about a variety of subjects, including 3D design, project management, and construction methodology. The second day was an opportunity to get some practical experience with a hands-on build. We constructed various landscaping features, including a bi-level patio, retaining walls, steps, pillars, pergola, water feature, planters, lighting, and bench.

While School of Rocke is a fantastic professional development course, it’s also ideal for those DIYers who want their landscaping projects to be a cut above the rest. A big thanks to our instructors and participants for making this class educational and entertaining.

Check out some highlights!

If you’re interested in attending one of next winter’s workshops, you can book ahead by contacting us by phone or email.

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