209 Handsart

This was a unique project for us at B. Rocke Landscaping. Our challenge was to create a low-maintenance, accessible yard with a sophisticated look. Our Lead Designer, Byron, was determined to create a flawless transition between access ramp and landscape, without the use of a distracting railing. To accomplish this, the ramp became a sloped sidewalk that followed the curves of the landscaping; the longer ramp meant we were able to meet the slope requirements without necessitating a railing. This, combined with the floating bench and stairs, and the minimalistic plants, created a modern look for the front yard. In addition, our clients asked that we enlarge the driveway. Using pavers, we were able to expand the driveway footprint without running afoul of city bylaws.

We continued the theme of low-maintenance luxury into the back yard. Here we used Corten steel to fabricate both a gas fireplace and a water feature. The privacy screens double as outdoor gallery space for hanging art. Artificial turf and warm wood tones serve to soften the concrete hardscape. These stunning pieces combine to create the perfect, accessible sanctuary that encapsulates modern functionality.