55 Stadacona

What began as a hot asphalt lot is now a place where children and creativity can grow! Our project at 55 Stadacona is the perfect example of kid-friendly landscaping. As with any yard designed with children in mind, it is important to not only consider how the space will affect them, but also how they will affect the space. Instead of real grass, which suffers greatly under consistent, repetitive activity, artificial turf was installed as a soft surface. To create more greenery, our team left some preexisting trees, added native prairie plants, and planted vines to climb the chain-link fence. De-barked Elm trees were integrated into the design, both as climbing logs and as a central, standing feature. This unique structure promotes imaginative play, as there are endless possibilities as to what the logs could be (our design team sees a dinosaur foot stomping on the path!). The landscape also incorporates a bi-level sandbox, as well as a gazebo to offer much-needed shade. Since the completion of the project, the space has become much more functional for staff and children alike.