Barnyard Grass

Barnyard Grass | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Do you see Barnyard Grass growing in your new sod?  Don’t worry!  This is a very common issue with a few quick fixes. Barnyard Grass is an annual grass that commonly grows in garden beds and sod.  It can easily be identified by its longer blades of grass and single-stemmed body.  Mature Barnyard Grass will die with the first frost of the autumn, however it can return the following spring if allowed to seed.

Seeds will lie dormant until optimal weather conditions are met; Barnyard Grass will germinate in warm, wet environments.  Frequent rainfall coupled with a heat wave makes for a perfect combination.

To prevent seeding, keep your lawn cut at a 2″ length.  The roots are relatively easy to remove, though the plants themselves will not regrow after the winter die-off.

If you are finding Barnyard Grass in your newly installed sod, B. Rocke Landscaping can provide lawn and garden care to our clients at an hourly rate.  Please contact us for details!