Commercial Projects in Winnipeg – 275 Nassau Street

Looking to spice up your commercial space? Look no further!

In our fast-paced world, first impressions are paramount. The exterior of your commercial property serves as a visual handshake, setting the tone for what clients can expect within.
This is exactly what we strived to achieve in our recently completed project on Nassau Street.

This project was about renovating an outdoor space for a residential building. The goal was to create a space for the tenants to spend time outside comfortably, as well as making it more appealing to people passing by in the neighborhood.
To achieve that, we’ve replaced the brick wall that enclosed the space with an ornamental fence. This made the space feel more open and inviting from the outside

By incorporating a paved patio, we’ve created a space that can have many purposes; BBQ area, seating, entertainment, etc. The surrounding plants protect from weeds and create an outdoor oasis on a busy street.
The materials used here complement the surrounding architecture, and the plants are hardy and require very little maintenance!

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor commercial space, give our office a call at (204)-615-2512. We will be happy to assist you!