Eat, Play, Love

Are you looking for child-friendly landscaping? We’ve got you! Here’s how to protect the kids from the yard (and the yard from the kids) without sacrificing quality and utility.

When designing an area frequented by children, it is vital to consider how they play; kids are highly inquisitive and love to explore their environment to its fullest. To keep them out of harm’s way it is important to:

  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Provide good lighting
  • Keep play spaces in view
  • Add shade coverings
  • Fence in your yard and pool

In terms of protecting your new landscaping from regular play, consider the following:

  • Choose appropriate ground covers that can withstand play and be mindful of loose materials kids may want to throw
  • Plant durable shrubs and gardens that can withstand being hit with toys or being pulled at by tiny hands
  • Provide designated pathways to keep your grass from getting trampled
  • Create flexible spaces that can go from playdates to dinner parties
  • Don’t forget to include storage for toys to keep away the clutter

Your backyard should be a getaway for the whole family, so why not create a versatile space that inspires creativity and turns your dreams into a reality? By maximizing your space, you can create the perfect backyard while ensuring a safe play area.

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