From The Digital World To The Real World

B.Rocke Landscaping works with a diverse clientele, each client has different expectations, budgets, and ideas and each project presents unique challenges. Our design services play a crucial role in streamlining the project timeline, allowing us to deliver exceptional results while exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our design process begins with an accurate site measure, followed by a 3D model that enables our clients to visualize their ideas. Throughout the process, the clients can pick and choose at the designed 3D model and decide what they want to keep or eliminate. This process helps the client communicate their expectations and for us to meet them without any miscommunication.

Below is an example of a project where we used the 3D model to deliver exactly what the client expected.

On our 3D software:

After construction:
A swimming pool in a backyard

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Our program provides clients with the flexibility to experiment with various materials, colors, and textures to help them make an informed decision about the final look. We consider this feature to be one of the most significant advantages of our software.

If you’re interested in visualizing your ideas using our design services, please contact us at (204)-615-2512.