Grading & Drainage

Rain Drain

With any form of construction, one of your first considerations must be the grading and drainage of the property. The importance of these factors is can be exemplified by the following:


– Water collecting around your home can cause foundation cracking and sinking.

Supporting the wrong kind of flora and fauna

– Standing water will kill your lawn and most plants, and supports the mosquito reproductive cycle. Damp conditions also encourage the growth of undesirable fungi and molds.


– A well-drained yard is a usable yard. Maximizing their property’s recreational potential is a top priority for many homeowners.

During construction, set your grade with a laser transit. This easy-to-use tool will give you precision control of your elevations. Figure out where your property should drain and set your slopes accordingly. Paved areas should have a 1% slope and all other areas a 2% slope. Avoid sculpting steep slopes, as these can cause unwanted erosion. If necessary, a swale or drainage ditch may be created to assist with draining larger properties.

Another method to assist with eaves trough runoff is the installation of Rain Drains and weeping tile. This efficiently moves rainwater away from your home’s foundation and toward proper drainage channels.


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