How long does it take to Landscape my Winnipeg yard?

Embarking on the journey to transform your yard is an exciting venture. Given the distinctive nature of every Winnipeg yard, gauging project timelines becomes an intricate yet rewarding task. To assist you in this endeavor, explore our pricing calculator, meticulously crafted to align with your unique project specifications.


The beginning stage of topographical transformation in a Winnipeg residential yard is a process that unfolds over an average span of a couple of days to a full week. This process hinges on an interplay of variables – the expanse of the area, established site conditions, access for machinery, and the amount of material required. Grading involves the meticulous process of excavating the existing terrain, then harmonizing it by strategically adding or subtracting clean fill, creating an optimal drainage blueprint.

We have a separate blog explaining the importance of a proper draining system.

Figure 1 : Front yard demolition – initial stages of removal and hauling of debris.

Figure 2 : Setting grade heights to ensure proper drainage toward property lines and away from foundation of the house.


What is a hardscape? Hardscaping includes patios, driveways, paved walkways, and any other type of work that involves laying pavers or concrete as a stable surface to walk or drive on. Beginning with the initial demo and site preparation, the installation timeframe will mostly depend on the size of the area in question. Most hardscapes take anywhere from a week up to a month to complete.

There are many moving parts to this process, and it is important to consider factors such as project size, machinery coordination, the kind of material used, and laying patterns, since they all play a role in determining the timeline of a project. Outdoor construction of this type is also at the mercy of Mother Nature, as heavy rain or freezing ground can put a stop to operations.

Figure 3: Paver Base Preparation – includes dig out of 12-18” depth, filled with limestone that is compact every 3” to ensure minimal movement once pavers are laid on top.

Figure 4: Packing of 12″ limestone base for driveway.

Figure 5: Step landing built with Barkman Rosetta Dimensional Steps in Pacific Grey. Installed with a double layer to ensure stability.

Figure 6: Installation of Paver Edging – used to create a separation between mineral sod and rock or mulch gardens for easy mowing.


Breathing life into a residential yard involves managing many different aspects of a project, usually spanning a day to a week. The specifics – the selection, placement, and dimensions of the flora, the involvement of machinery, and soil composition are all figured out well in advance during the planning phase.

Let our team curate a professional and beautiful planting plan, complete with 3D renderings that display shadows as they would exist throughout the day. Our modelling software uses GPS technology to accurately pinpoint your property’s location and the angle of the sun throughout each season, allowing us to find optimal placements for all of your leafy friends

Figure 7: Variety of planted perennials including Asters, Karl Foresters, Astilbe, Coneflowers, and Blazing White Stars.

Figure 8: Variety of perennials including Prairie Dropseed, Dancing Queen Hosta’s, Globe cedars, Asters, Karl Foresters, Astilbe, Coneflowers, and Blazing White Stars.


Softscaping essentially encompasses all of the steps that occur after the hardscaping has been finished, but for designs that don’t include any hardscape this can be the entire project! Installing mulch gardens, rock gardens, and laying lush mineral sod are typical examples. This can also include the placement of decorative boulders, although in many cases these will have already been nestled into the landscape at the end of the grading stage. Once again, the timeline will largely depend on the size of the area in question; for some projects this will mean a day or two, while more expansive properties can take a couple weeks. As your partners in design, we collaborate closely with all of our clients to deliver the finishing touches that make your project outstanding and unique.

Figure 9: Under construction – Installation of black granite rock garden on top of layer of commercial grade landscape fabric

Figure 10: Under construction – Softscape and soil prep for the installation of new mineral sod rolls.

Figure 11:Complete – Installation of new mineral sod


The Harvard Avenue project was a full transformation of a front yard. This project took approximately 7 weeks to complete, including the demo all the way to the final installation of mineral sod. Our clients were very impressed and happy with the end result. By going through our full design process, they were able to envision exactly what their yard would look like before we started the project. To connect with our team for your next landscaping project, book a complimentary consultation. You can also get a sense of what your budget might be with our handy online pricing calculator. We would be thrilled to help you create your dream outdoor living space!