Leaders in Safety

Construction Safety | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

As one of Winnipeg’s premier landscaping contractors, B. Rocke Landscaping strives to lead our industry in all areas of our business, safety included.

When implementing our Health & Safety Program three years ago, we knew we wanted to reduce our environmental impact.  Part of that was reducing our use of paper products.  SiteDocs is a paperless Health & Safety management application, and we are proud to be partnering with them for a second season.

This software has revolutionized the way Health & Safety programs are managed.  In the past, the process had involved filing many paper documents on a weekly basis.  Auditing the program required scouring through dozens of folders for specific files.  Now, with just a few clicks, we can retrieve any document we need from any location, including job sites both within and outside of Winnipeg.

SiteDocs has significantly reduced the administrative requirements of our Health & Safety program, allowing us to spend more time working safely to bring your landscaping visions to life!