Outdoor Home Theatre

There’s something so satisfying about coming home after a tough work week and kicking back to watch something on Netflix. Especially when it’s raining! But before Netflix existed, or even Blockbuster for that matter (throwback!), you had to leave the house to catch a film. Did you know that the first drive-in movie theater was opened in 1933? Things have definitely changed since then, but the idea of enjoying a movie or show outdoors with family and friends still holds great appeal. Let Studio b help you plan your outdoor home theatre experience!

Garage Wall Projection Screen

There are several factors to consider:

Screen Location – Your first task is finding the perfect spot for your screen. A wall on your house or garage, a suitable fence, or a stand-alone screen stand are all good options. A projection surface can be as simple as a smooth white wall or a white sheet, or you can buy a manufactured screen. If you don’t want to buy a projector and/or screen outright, many audio/visual shops rent them out.

Audience Positioning – Once the screen location is confirmed, you must figure out if you (and your guests) will be sitting or laying down. If you’ve got a patio, you can take advantage of the hard surface and put out a couple chairs and tables. This will provide a more “movie theater” vibe. But if you’ve got a nice patch of grass, throw down a couple blankets and pillows and relax! You could even step it up a notch and get an inflatable mattress to sprawl out on.

Bugs – Assuming we don’t have another record year in 2018, mosquitoes could be a problem. It would be ideal to host your outdoor movie night either at the beginning or at the end of the summer season when the bugs aren’t as bad. But if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of candles, sprays, and even wristbands that can help keep the bugs away. Just be prepared!

Screened Pergola | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Or you could have us build you one of these. Your call.

Don’t have a yard to work with whatsoever? No problem! Most cities have been hosting outdoor movie nights in public parks and open parking lots. Check your local listings to see what your community has planned.

So grab your favourite people, some snacks, and head outside!