Pavers or Stamped Concrete?

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It’s the question many homeowners face at one point or another: Should you choose pavers or stamped concrete for your new patio and/or driveway? At first glance, the (typically) slightly lower cost of installing stamped concrete can seem quite attractive, however there are many other factors to consider when making this important decision.

While stamped concrete can be made to look like different materials, it has several drawbacks compared to real pavers:

– Concrete slabs will settle and crack over time, especially in our temperate, Manitoba climate where we experience plenty of frost action.

– It will show greater wear and tear

– It is more costly to repair, as this usually involves breaking out the old concrete and pouring new

Cracked Stamped Concrete

Cracked, Stamped Concrete

Paving blocks and slabs are manufactured as individual units and under great pressure. This produces the following advantages:

– Pavers are highly resistant to cracking as well as surface wear.

– It is much less expensive to replace individual pavers or reset a grade if necessary, compared to tearing out concrete.

– Pavers and slabs come in myriad colours and designs, to suit both aesthetic and practical needs.

Roman Paver Driveway | B. Rocke Landscaping |Winnipeg, Manitoba

Roman Paver Driveway

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