Renting Out Your Outdoor Reno

Looking for some extra income this summer? Consider renting out your backyard! One of our recent clients opened our eyes to this practical (and profitable) use for your outdoor space. Using the website Swimply, they were able to charge $57/hour for up to five people to use their pool, with a $5/hour charge for each additional person.

Our client told us they made $6000 in 19 days this past summer! This inspired us to think about other ways your yard could generate income. Ideas include renting out your space for weddings, photography, and parties. You could also donate the space for a charity to use.

When considering putting your space on the rental market, don’t forget to think about the following:

  • Are there areas of your property that will be off-limits to guests?
  • Is smoking allowed?
  • Is your property safe for children?
  • Are guests allowed to bring dogs or other pets?
  • Can your parking area and yard accommodate guests with limited mobility or disabilities?
  • Make note of any special or unusual features on your property that guests should be aware of (for example, lots of stairs).
  • If you’ll be hosting families with children, be sure hazardous chemicals, sharp objects, and power tools are kept safely in locked areas that are not accessible to guests.
  • Provide a reference guide with emergency contact numbers and location of fire extinguishers and first aid kit.
  • How will your neighbors react to the additional traffic and noise?
  • How will the increased use affect the wear and tear of your equipment and yard?
  • Offer clear information about the setup so guests can plan ahead