Rocking Sustainability

Accumulated and Crushed concreteAt Rocke Developments sustainability means the world to us. Our most recent development at 500 Caron Road has been painted white to lower cooling costs, and we’ve installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout. One of the larger initiatives we’ve undertaken to reduce our carbon footprint has been to recycle and reuse road concrete on site. We have accumulated and crushed approximately 200,000 tons of concrete for use under buildings, parking lots, and roads. This has lowered transport emissions by shortening trips for the trucks, and by recycling this material we’ve reduce the need for mineral extraction.

We are also fortunate to have a large retention pond in the centre of the property. Our development plan includes sustaining this wonderful ecosystem by cultivating native prairie plants and maintaining the ability of the pond to support birds and other local wildlife. Few things compare to watching the sun set over the natural prairie grassland!