Supplier Profile – Shelmerdine Garden Centre

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Walter Shelmerdine founded Shelmerdine Nursery in 1937, with the original nursery being located in the RM of Charleswood. Walter concentrated on the production of fruit trees, and in 1944 he began drawing landscape plans for homeowners, producing plant catalogs and undertaking landscaping contracts. By these means the business grew. As a result, a number of business partners joined the firm in the 1960’s and 70’s. The original site in Charleswood was sold, and in 1974 the current retail garden centre in Headingley was established.

During the 1970’s and 80’s, housing developments cropped up in Winnipeg, and Shelmerdine’s crews could be seen landscaping entire streets at a time. Throughout all of these years, Shelmerdine established its reputation as Winnipeg’s most trusted landscaping firm and garden centre, providing clients with friendly and knowledgeable service, superior plants, and quality gardening products.

In 2005, the company reorganized into two separate, but closely operating companies; the commercial landscaping operation Shelmerdine Ltd., and the retail store known as Shelmerdine Garden Centre Ltd.

Today, Shelmerdine Garden Centre Ltd. is a lifestyle enjoyment centre as well as a greenhouse growing operation, owned by Nicole Bent and Chad Labbe.



A visit to Shelmerdine is truly an experience! One can enjoy a healthy lunch made fresh at our Café after strolling through our unique selection of plants, gardening goods, home décor, and ladies’ fashions. The stunning displays, unique products, and friendly atmosphere serve to inspire guests and employees alike. The store changes with the seasons, creating an environment of surprise and delight throughout the year. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a growing operation propagates hundreds of thousands of the finest annual and perennial plants, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias.

Shelmerdine is a community and family-minded business, hosting a variety of charitable family events throughout the year. The friendly, knowledgeable customer service and quality plants and products upon which Shelmerdine was originally built remain our foundation today and into the future!