Steps with Curb Appeal

Our clients came to us seeking an upgrade for their charming, River Heights home.  The property had an existing, interlocking paving stone sidewalk, and they were looking to replace it and revitalise their yard.  Byron and our Design Team were able to come up with a plan that reused some of their existing paving stones for the new sidewalk.  This achieved a savings of $7,000 in material costs for the clients.

Privacy Screen | Character Steps | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marie and her crew completed construction on this project. They installed the new paving stone pathways in the front, side, and back of the house, as well as a small driveway. The recycled pavers were used in the centre of the pattern with a double Holland soldier course in charcoal and grey. The front stairs were built with curved treads using Allan Block Europa retaining wall blocks, and Allan Block Courtyard pillars. The retaining walls continue on either side of the steps, creating raised garden beds. This ads more warm, visual impact to the curb appeal of this character home, while keeping with the spirit of the 100-year-old architecture.

We also added a small patio along the property line, tucked behind a low Courtyard wall with cedar privacy screening.


Mathew Hobson

Mathew Hobson