Top 5 Trees for Fall Colour

Amur Maple | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Have you ever thought about what kind of qualities you would like to see in your trees in the autumn?  There are many reasons why certain trees are selected for a project; one of the most common reasons is fall color.  Winnipeg’s arboreal landscape has a variety of golden/yellow/orange autumn leaves.  We also have several species that display red foliage during the fall, making for a very eye-catching mosaic.

Every tree can bring something special to our yards and gardens.  The following trees are suitable for growth in Winnipeg and are especially colourful in autumn:

Amur Maple – Known for its bright red foliage (seen above), this tree is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes.  They come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from single-stem to multi-stem trunks.  These trees prefer moist soils and do well in full to partial shade conditions.  The Amur Maple is unique in that it can be found in shrub or tree form, depending on the cultivar.

White Paper Birch – Would you also like to add contrast to your yard?  This medium-to-large tree has a peeling, white bark with golden foliage in the fall.  Like the Amur Maple, it comes in both single-stem and multi-stem varieties.  The White Paper Birch prefers moist soils and grows best in full sunlight or partially shaded areas.  Select this tree for contrast, shade, and accent.

European Mountain Ash & Showy Mountain Ash – A small-to-medium sized landscaping tree with leaves that turn orange in the fall.  This tree retains its bright red clusters of berries in the winter, providing more contrast against our snowy landscape.  It prefers full sunlight and is adaptable to dry or moist areas.  Use this tree for shade, accent, and also winter contrast features.

Manchurian Ash – A large tree with excellent form.  This tree has a tightly rounded shape with leaves that range from green to an outstanding yellow in the fall.  It is a single-stem tree, which branches out to form its recognizable shape.  This species is quite hardy, and is adaptable to dry or moist areas.  Ideal for shade, as an accent, or as a focal feature.

Autumn Blaze Freeman Maple – A hybrid maple tree with red-orange foliage in the fall.  Freeman Maple trees are less common in Winnipeg but are slowly becoming more popular.  Their Hardiness falls between Zones 3 and 4, and they are adaptable to many soil types.  They are fairly large, fast growing trees and will provide both shade and accentuating colour.

For expert advice and tree selection, please contact us at B. Rocke Landscaping.  We would be more than happy to assist you with your project!