Trailer Safety

Trailer Safety

A few years ago when I took my Class 3 driving test, I remember the instructor telling me that around 75% of the people pulling Class 5 trailers in Manitoba regularly hauled overweight and didn’t even know it. That struck me as a very high number, considering the pitfalls of overloading a truck and/or trailer. Not only could you damage your equipment, when you’re hauling overweight you become a danger to others in your community.

Here are some general reminders:

– Know the limitations of your equipment

– Know the rules of the road

– Inspect your equipment before hauling

– Inspect your equipment periodically during long hauls

– Maintain your equipment

– Ensure that loads are balanced and secure

– Maintain proper following distance

– Use a weight distribution hitch when necessary

– Always drive to the conditions


Trust me, you do not want to be hauled off to the weigh scales by the police or a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer, forced to drop your trailer somewhere because of a safety infraction, or end up with a broken hitch or axle.  If the inconvenience isn’t enough of a deterrent, the stiff fines should be.

For more detailed information, I strongly recommend checking out the following resources available through Manitoba Public Insurance:

Trailer Safety –

Professional Drivers Manual –


Don’t end up like this guy!

Bent Hitch

Bent Hitch


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