When is the Best Time to Landscape My Winnipeg yard?

Landscaping can often seem like a daunting task – to the point that the majority of our clients don’t even know where to begin! People consistently ask us when would be the optimal time to landscape their yard.

From decks, pergolas, pools and kitchen spaces, to all the plantings and yard accessories you can imagine, an outdoor transformation is always done in steps. The order and cost-effectiveness of those steps will be determined by your plant, and when you have a Landscape Master Plan put together with help from our studio b design team, you’ll have the freedom and confidence to explore all of your ideas without the stress of wondering how they all fit together (that’s the part you leave to us).

One of the many great things about landscaping is that it’s not necessarily restricted to just the warmer months; some work can be completed year round!


The most common time to plant trees, shrubs, or perennials is in April and May, following the final frost of the season. While planting in early spring gives your plants ample opportunity to grow, another great time to plant can be in the fall before the first freeze.

Planting in autumn gives your plants and trees time to establish roots in the soil before their growing season, giving them a head start. If you plant in fall, don’t forget to mulch! Mulch will help insulate your plants and keep the roots healthy over the winter months.

Remember to water new plants frequently to encourage root growth, and remove any dead or broken branches that may cause more damage in the harsh winter climate.

Hardscapes and Wood Features:

Any sort of structure or grading changes can be done as soon as spring temperatures stay above freezing and the ground thaws out enough.

But did you know it’s also possible to do some wood projects during the winter months? We work on many projects throughout winter. As long as the piles are poured and structural supports are in place before the ground freezes, the work above-grade can be done year-round. We don’t let a Winnipeg winter slow us down!

Get a head start on your spring project by contacting the professionals at studio b – B. Rocke Landscaping.