BayView Construction


Company Headquarters
Client: BayView Construction Ltd.
Project Completed: Jun 2017
Project Goals: Design an amazing landscaping around the newly-built company headquarters that reflects the natural aesthetic of our prairies meeting the Canadian Shield.

This nature-based theme was carefully designed to compliment the grand cottage-like architecture of the building. Featuring Canadian Shield black granite boulders, this project was accented with large spruce trees, a variety of prairie grasses, and perennial shrubs. Form and function intersect along the west side of the building where a dried creek bed carries roof runoff away from the building. Along the south of the building the landscaping transforms into a Trembling Aspen forest among prairie grasses. At the rear entrance of the building we designed an outdoor lunch area for employees under the shade of large spruce trees. There is also a dog run for employees to exercise their canine coworkers.

Project Designers

  1. Byron Rocke