Can You Imagine Preschool


Early childhood education centre
Client: The Province Of Manitoba
Project Completed: Jun 2020
Project Goals: Transform a hot, asphalt-covered surface into a comfortable green space for the children and staff of the daycare centre to explore and enjoy.

Can You Imagine Preschool is an inclusive early childhood education centre that provides a wide variety of programming to children of all need levels. Their outdoor space, however, was limited to a stark asphalt surface that was often unbearably hot. Our team removed a large portion of the asphalt, replacing it with premium artificial turf that would withstand the regular play and foot traffic. We recycled two old elm trees that were removed from another project, turning one of the trunks into a natural play feature atop a small berm and the other into a majestic archway spanning the walking path. Mulch gardens full of native prairie plants such as Russian Sage, Goldmound Spirea, and Karl Foerster now surround the area, giving it a softer, more natural feel. Several small black granite boulders were added, and two new trees were planted to provide future shade. A cedar gazebo was constructed at the north end of the yard next to the custom-built sandbox planters, and a new locking mechanism was installed for the gate. We greatly enjoyed designing and building this project and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide the community with a special outdoor space that will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Project Designers

  1. Byron Rocke