Kilkenny Residential


A Modern Space
Client: Kilkenny Neighbourhood Family
Project Completed: Aug 2023
Project Goals: Our clients had recently relocated from Toronto to Winnipeg and were looking for a modern, outdoor extension of their living space. The plan called for a BBQ area, entertainment space, hot tub, and a reading corner for relaxing or working from home. They also needed more privacy, as their existing chain link fence wasn’t cutting it. One of the main challenges was that the back yard had a significant slope towards the back lane, requiring us to creatively excavate sections and bolster them with retention walls. Our team designed a bi-level patio nestled into the space to maximize usable level surface area.

We used 3D rendering software to allow our clients to immerse themselves in their project and ensure that they were going to love the results before we even broke ground. The patio and path are Barkman Broadway pavers with a Holland soldier course, and the layout was planned in such a way that required very few cuts. This helped maintain the clean lines of the modern aesthetic. The upper patio is split from the lower by a creative marriage of natural and manufactured materials; a retention wall constructed from large, black granite boulders and Belgard SienaEdge wall block sourced through SiteOne Landscape Supply. The SienaEdge was used to create the steps and section off an area for the hot tub pad and was expertly cut to fit the contours of the surrounding boulders. The lower patio consists of two distinct sections: a dining area with the same Broadway pavers as above, and a cozy reading/working corner with Barkman Bridgewood slabs. The Bridgewood is designed to mimic the look of natural wood while having the durability of concrete. These concrete products are specially designed to withstand the rigours of the harsh Winnipeg climate. We took our clients on a nursery visit to select the plants for their yard and selected a variety of local perennials and prairie grasses. We want to ensure that your landscaping is easily maintained and will look beautiful year after year. These plants were placed in uniform clusters and rows to create shape while softening hard concrete edges with native plant life. Rose bushes were planted against the neighbor’s fence, and there is also a small annual garden to give our client space for creativity. Plants were supplied by Jensen’s Nursery and Aubin Nurseries. A modern, treated brown fence replaced the chain link in the back, completing the space and turning the back yard into a truly private, suburban oasis. Our clients were thrilled with the results and now regularly have family and friends over to enjoy the experience! Are you dreaming of transforming your backyard into a private oasis like this one? B. Rocke Landscaping can bring your vision to life. With our expertise in handling unique challenges and our commitment to delivering high quality work, we can create a space that you'll love and enjoy for years to come. Start the journey to your dream outdoor space today. Contact us now for a consultation.

Project Suppliers

  1. Barkman Broadway
  2. Belgard
  3. SiteOne Landscape Supply
  4. Barkman Bridgewood
  5. Jensen's Nursery
  6. Aubin Nurseries