Richardson Kelburn Farm


International Research Farm and Corporate Event Centre
Client: Richardson International
Project Completed: Apr 2017
Project Goals: Design and develop 10+ acres of the Richardson Kelburn Farm into a beautiful landscape that preserves the ranch theme while adding a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Our team designed stunning new pillared entrance features and re-shaped an existing 100-year flood protection dike with a freshly paved roadway. The road is bordered by beautiful trees, a cedar ranch-style fence, and classic street lamps. Following the road, visitors are guided to the facility’s parking lot and main building. The expansive entryway was designed with cobblestone paths, a cedar gazebo, boulders, large planters, a bench wall, native prairie grasses, flowering perennial shrubs, and trees. The site is a spectacular place to visit at sunset, as well as under the starry night sky.

Project Suppliers

  1. Wayne's Tree Service
  2. Barkman Concrete
  3. Expocrete
  4. Aubin's Nursery

Project Collaborators

  1. BayView Construction
  2. Square Prairie Concrete
  3. Global Electric
  4. Winnipeg Hydroseeding
  5. Anything Custom Welding
  6. Alcatraz Fencing
  7. S&N Interlock
  8. Paving Stone Pros
  9. Tyslau Contracting

Project Designers

  1. Byron Rocke
  2. Kat Kreftsun