Sherburn Residential


Oasis for Healing
Client: Sherburn Neighbourhood Family
Project Completed: Sep 2023
Project Goals: Welcome to our Sherburn project – a showpiece where creativity meets tranquility in the heart of Wolseley. Our client desired a private, low-maintenance sanctuary in which to relax and make the most of our beautiful Manitoba summers. The scope of this project involved both the front and back yards and included a cozy mix of several types of landscape features.

The inviting front path was constructed with Barkman Roman pavers, flanked by black granite rock gardens, and terminating in a landing that includes a wooden bench. Boulders and flowers add colour and depth to the gardens. The paving continues down the side of the house, through the gate and into a true urban oasis. As you come around the corner you are greeted by the serene sound of water gently trickling from the Corten steel fountain. The orange warmth of the weathered metal is juxtaposed with the cool concrete basin below. The back yard is a vibrant canvas of complementary hues, tones, and textures. Barkman Flagstone and Roman pavers form the earthy foundation of this refuge, softened by the thoughtfully chosen flora in the surrounding gardens and planters. Vines climb the fences, creating a green backdrop that brings to mind old-world charm. The stained lumber deck makes a bold statement, complementing the colour in the fountain and the iron highlights of the black granite boulders. In the heart of the lower patio a shaded daybed sits on a perfect circle of paving stones; the ultimate spot for reading, snacking, and the occasional nap. All around the calming sounds of the neighbourhood drift in lightly on the breeze, reinforcing a sense of community despite being in such a private space. Through the dedicated efforts of our skilled landscapers, carpenters, and sub trades, the transformation of the Sherburn property was successfully completed within the remarkable timeframe of just four weeks between September and October of 2022. After the removal of the old paving materials, the first orders of business were fixing any grading issues, installing the boulders, and prepping the base for the new hardscape. Once the steps and pavers were in, we could move on to filling in the planting areas with black granite or wood mulch and getting all the plants in the ground. The woodwork came next, including the deck, bench, and lattice privacy wall. Last, but certainly not least, the one-of-a-kind water feature was installed. This collaborative endeavor not only showcased the efficiency of our team but also culminated in the realization of a truly unique and bespoke outdoor space that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Project Suppliers

  1. Barkman Roman
  2. Barkman Flagstone
  3. Belgard Artforms
  4. Reimer Soils
  5. Jensen's Nursery

Project Collaborators

  1. B. Rocke Landscaping