Perfect entertainment area for children and adults alike
Client: Springwood Neighbourhood Family
Project Completed: Nov 2023
Project Goals: Here we have the exciting first stage of our Springwood project! Located in the heart of St. Vital, this quaint residential backyard space is being transformed into the perfect entertainment area for children and adults alike. Our clients are a delightful family of three, plus one humongous Great Dane! Their main goals were to clean up the existing patio, make space for the kids (and dog) to play, and create an area for dining and entertaining. They also wanted to revamp the garden areas and expand their parking pad. Our philosophy for our multi-phase Master Plans is to guide clients through their long-term vision for their project while maintaining the usability of the space between construction seasons. We avoid unnecessary reworks by planning well ahead. An example would be running underground conduit for electrical connections before the patio is laid, even if the electrical work won’t be done until a later phase. By employing this method, we can ensure that a project runs seamlessly throughout multiple phases as necessary.

Our contractors and landscape crew were able to complete this phase of the project in just 2 weeks! We first had to remove an old pond, regrade the yard, and excavate for the hardscape sections. Once the patio, landing, and paver borders were installed, we followed with the rock and mulch gardens, and some lush, new mineral sod. For this project we created a low maintenance planting plan, beginning with the garden sections, with the intention of adding more shrubbery and trees in the next phase. Our clients here on Springwood are happy and satisfied with their project. With a family that loves being outside in the warm summer months, they now have the perfect area to entertain, garden, and play. It was our pleasure to work with them this past year and we’re looking forward to future collaboration. Click here to start your journey with B. Rocke Landscaping!

Project Suppliers

  1. Barkman Broadway - Main Patio
  2. Barkman Holland - Patio Border
  3. Reimer Soils - Rock Garden & Mulch
  4. Jensen's Nursery - Plants
  5. Lach Sod Farms - Mineral Sod